Billie Hill's

Hillbillie Burgers & Bar-B-Q



The Restaurant: 

Monday                          11 am - 9 pm

Tuesday                         11 am - 9 pm

Wednesday                   11 am - 9 pm

Thursday                       11 am - 9 pm

Friday                             11 am - 9 pm

Saturday                        11 am - 9 pm

Sunday                                 CLOSED


We put a lot into here to make sure ya all's visit is pleasurable. Ifin thers something yer not liken.. Give a holler.. we want ya all to feel like ya are at home with us. We take lots of pride in fixin ya the best meals we can... every time. 


Billie Hill's Bar-B-Q is a bit different than most BBQ's your food channel.. We serve a no "crust" meat.. We smoke our meat in a custom smoker fer hours with our finest rubs and sauces. Then we finish the meat off on the char-burner or slow cook it for hours.. The Hillbillie way.. We hope ya like it!!


The Menu